Update Your Insurance

Widget Financial has implemented an insurance review in order to ensure that we have current copies of insurance on file for collateralized vehicle loans. In order to update our files, you may receive a letter asking you to provide a copy of your insurance policy. In doing so, you will want to make certain that your vehicle insurance includes comprehensive and collision coverage. Also, Widget Financial will need to be listed as the lien holder, 2154 E Lake Road, Erie PA  16511.

Our Lender ID is 6609

 There are several options which you may use in order to provide updated copies of insurance:

  •  Ask your agent to call 800-523-6404 where a representative will take necessary insurance information.
  •  Mail a copy of your insurance to the credit union at 2154 E Lake Road, Erie PA  16511
  •  Enter insurance information on-line at myinsuranceinfo.com