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50 and Older? Here’s Your Chance to Catch Up on Retirement Saving

If you are age 50 or older and still working, you have a valuable opportunity to super-charge your retirement savings while managing your income tax liability. Catch-up contributions offer the chance to invest amounts over and above the standard annual limits in IRAs and workplace retirement plans. 2023 Limits In 2023, [...]

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Time for a Spring Cleanup: Organizing Your Financial Records

The arrival of spring is always a good time to dust off the cobwebs that have built up in your home during the winter. It's also a good time to clean out and organize your financial records so you can quickly locate something if you need it. Keep Only What You Need [...]

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Fixed for Life: What Can an Annuity Do for You?

With stock and bond markets both faltering over the past year, it's easy to see why more near-retirees have a newfound appreciation for fixed annuities โ€” insurance contracts that guarantee a specified rate of return. A fixed annuity maintains its value regardless of market conditions, and yields on these products have risen in response [...]

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Debt Optimization Strategies

To help improve your financial situation, you might consider reducing your debt. Before starting any debt payoff strategy (or combination of strategies), be sure you understand the terms of your debts, including interest rates, payment requirements, and any prepayment or other penalties. Start with Understanding Minimum Payments You are generally required to [...]

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Key Retirement and Tax Numbers for 2023

Every year, the Internal Revenue Service announces cost-of-living adjustments that affect contribution limits for retirement plans and various tax deduction, exclusion, exemption, and threshold amounts. Here are a few of the key adjustments for 2023. Estate, Gift, and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax The annual gift tax exclusion (and annual generation-skipping transfer tax exclusion) for [...]

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