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How Will the Economy React to AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are already invading every aspect of our lives. Debates are ongoing about how it will infiltrate individual industries. Governments are working to understand AI and determine how to regulate something that affects much more than the digital space. Its potential uses are being realized everywhere, from musicians turning 50-year-old demo [...]

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BookSmart: Top Financial Education Reads for Kids and Teens

Amidst juggling work, household chores, and other responsibilities, imparting valuable money lessons can sometimes take a backseat for busy parents. The good news? You have help! There are lots of great reads out there covering everything from building a budget to early investing. Check out this reading list for young children, tweens, and teens, [...]

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Roth IRA for Kids

Small businesses play a significant role in labor markets. They employ 61.7 million Americans, 46.4 percent of all private-sector employees. Over the period from 1995 to the present, small businesses have been responsible for generating 17.3 million net new jobs, which accounts for an impressive 62.7 percent of all jobs created since 1995.1 [...]

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Your Shifting Risk Tolerance

It’s important to remember that asset allocation is an approach to help manage investment risk. Asset allocation does not guarantee against investment loss. When you created your investment strategy, your asset allocation should have reflected your goals, time horizon, and tolerance for risk. But over time, any of [...]

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What’s So Great About a Rollover?

Changing jobs can be a tumultuous experience. Even under the best of circumstances, making a career move requires a series of tough decisions, not the least of which is what to do with the funds in your old employer-sponsored retirement plan. Some people choose to roll over these [...]

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The 5 Factors That Affect Your Credit Score

The 5 Factors That Affect Your Credit Score Whether you're looking to get your first credit card for everyday expenses or take out a mortgage to purchase your first home, credit is an essential tool for helping people meet their financial goals. Here, we'll break down the 5 factors that [...]

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Budget Check Up: Tax Time Is the Right Time

Every year, about 140 million households file their federal tax returns. For many, the process involves digging through shoe boxes or manila folders full of receipts; gathering mortgage, retirement, and investment account statements; and relying on computer software to take advantage of every tax break the code permits.1 It [...]

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A Look at Diversification

Ancient Chinese merchants were said to have developed a unique way to manage their risk. They would divide their shipments among several different vessels. That way, if one ship were to sink or be attacked by pirates, the rest stood a good chance of getting through. Thus, the majority of the shipment could be [...]

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